Would have the American revolution ever been; if our society had not been propagandized as citizens identical to Plato’s ‘Allegory of a Cave?’

Would have the American revolution ever been; if our society had not been propagandized as citizens identical to Plato’s ‘Allegory of a Cave?’

Is this not the obvious scenario of our society? http://faculty.washington.edu/smcohen/320/cave.htm

Is not the real question, was not the switch and bait of the design of government of our conception, replaced by a design none would have accepted?

We listen and hear many tell us that the absolute incompetency of the ‘Affordable Care Act’ is a mess. How can we be so swayed as a society—while not identifying the obvious?

Is but the beginning of this mess ancient history? Have we forgotten the objective of those who are advancing the conquest of domination of all society by government? Is it not the desire of those who would enslave us to have government their agent to our slavery? Is not the objective of the communism of man’s domination to intrude, to control, and to dominate the society of man?

Is it not equally as obvious that the present condition of this absolute travesty of the ‘AFFORRRDABLE Care Act’ not exactly what we ‘SHOULD’ expect? Why are we so easily as a society bamboozled and led to conclusions that refute reality. While if we just stop for a second and engage our own reasoning would reject?

What was the initial objective of this absolute tragedy that has been attempted over and over without success? Was it not as they like to identify is, the ‘Single Payer Plan?’ What was the objective of the ‘Single Payer Plan?’ Do you remember, or do you know? Is it not the complete domination of medical servicing, the absolute control, and the dictate of centralized government being your doctor, your nurse and your provider? Is not this goal the absorption of medical servicing into central planning, the bureaucracy of government, yet another extension of government domination? Was this not the initial objective of those who would advance the dementia of government domination of our society from the beginning?

It is and it was. Now if your goal is to have domination of the medical servicing in this nation; would it not be appropriate to insure that the fallacy of a system…the ‘Affordable Care Act’…was so absolutely as un-functional as possible? Would not the pretense of having any system that uses the concept of ‘enterprise’ as a segment of its operation is absolutely a disaster? Would you not want society to be so confused, or disgusted that they would be ready for any answer to cure this dilemma? Is this not the objective of our current central planning of our current communist ideologues in power?

If this is the objective, then is it not obvious that it must be such a cluster, that no sane person would accept this travesty?

Yet here is the brilliance of this destruction of the medical servicing in this nation. By making all of the citizens slaves in compliance of this insanity, what is forgotten? Think of where we are currently. Our society is not standing by where they should be; instead the citizenry are struggling to deal with this absolute mess of compliance. The citizens have forgotten the true objection of this encroachment on their liberty as citizens of this nation. Nor do they recognize the attack on their own freedoms dictating compliance to something that is as diametric to the design of this nation as the institution of gulags, or concentrations camps are to civilized society.

We have missed the objective, and are now focused on the design. This is the same sleight of hand fraud the communist have used on society since its malicious genesis.

We have example after example. As a society we are swayed by the rhetoric of what we are told; while rejecting the capacity of thought and reason. How are we so maneuvered, as the citizens identified by Plato of seeing what they present we are seeing, without—as free men—seeing the obvious?

Look at our history, it is a perfect example. Let’s start at the beginning of this nation and in your own conscience answer this question. This nation began with two documents of design. Do you know what they were, and the importance of each? It is very important that our history began with—we all remember it began with the declarative, the English requirement of saying the why we are doing what. Oh what a wondrous world we would have if this little requirement was also required by the communist. For they cannot tell us their design, knowing that if the truth was told, no reasoning or rational man would concur. Our founders created the ‘Declaration of Independence,’ which is told to all, expressed to all, confirmed to all that these were our philosophical objectives, our ideals, and our complaints. It is used even in the propagandized history of our current academic environment. And we are told then we fought a war of independence.

Is this fact? It is not! There was an even more important document that because of the communism of central planning, the dementia of all societies of man in man’s literacy is forgotten, and not even mentioned. It was the design of the government they also created at that same moment in time that led men to put their wealth, their lives in harm’s way to oppose the greatest nation on earth. What was this wonder? What was so inspiring to men they would place themselves in harm’s way, they would make this commitment? We hear much of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence, and the tragedy that so many of them faced and experienced. But we forget it was the other document of these men that was this nation, not just the declarative.

Ask yourself this question. Would men commit their lives, their very existence in an event where if successful, they would end up right where they were when they begin? Is this not insanity? Who would any rational, reasoning individual make this decision? It would be worse than communism, working hard for an objective when there is no reward, only your needs…and those needs identified not by you, but by some central planning bureaucracy…to the ‘equality’ of all.

No they would not, if they used reason. So we know men did. We know men committed to this new nation, and fought for an objective. Yet as a society we are so propagandized that the objective was this illusion, this shadow on the back wall, the fallacy of our government telling us what they fought for; we never for one moment stop and think. Is not the question, why would anyone do this if the end game was to be where you began? It is illogical—the insanity of man if he would do so.

Here is the dichotomy of our beginning and the results that our nation became. Ask yourself this simple question, and make your own conclusion. If this nation’s founders would have presented the design of the ‘Constitution’ as the design of this nation’s government; would we ever have had a revolution?