Why did we not understand Martin Luther Kings' comment; I have a dream?

In my life, I experienced the legislation that destroyed the philosophical idealism of American—on July 2, 1964.
Yet today, perhaps, the tragedy of that decision by our government is being addressed, and hopefully will be repealed.
This absolute nihilism of American’s being equal was so eloquently stated by Martin Luther King—in his simple evaluation—I have a dream…one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.
The words made sense, for there were problems in this nation—created by government—where that basic problem of not upholding those simple foundations, it is a self-evident truth, that all me are created equal. As is the wonder of life, this is also a reality.
If only those who created legislation could have understood those words, and made the scenario of the problem corrected, instead of its acerbation, its continuance, and the advancement of racial discrimination—through legislative actions, making racist laws—to a level based on…the color of a man’s skin…never known in the history of mankind.
The tragedy of slavery in this nation is a story few know, or have even been exposed to. As such, the hyperbole of the fiction of it was an American idea—which it was not—has been advanced. When the reality is, it was against the law to have slaves in America, because of the charters of the King making all of the colonies, then why did we have slavery? I won’t tell you, you can look it up and do your own research. What I will identify for your consideration is that slavery in this nation is a pinnacle of the example of what multi-culturalism…when we forget our American ideals…can result in tragedy beyond reason.
Nor do we know in this nation that the ‘War of Northern Aggression’ was conducted with only one principle of slavery as the issue. That singular fact was and still is, the right of ‘property’ ownership, nothing else. The fallacy, the distortion of fact—as some feeble attempt to cover up the absolute destructive carnage that occurred—was so ridiculous, there are no words to even attempt to retort this ridiculous concept of it had anything to do with the ‘freedom’ of anyone, where in reality it was the ‘slavery’ of all society.
To understand civil right is another thing this nation knows nothing. Knowing not they simple reality that the legislation, the laws of creating the very problem that was identified as a problem, were first initiated by government. The antithesis of legislation to reverse the inequality of the legislation of the Southern states initiated after the war—if not known—are then as if the ignorant, by becoming more ignorant, will somehow improve the problem. These caustic laws, this legislation was rooted in the absolute destructive decisions of ‘reconstruction’ of legislative actions—enforced upon—and conducted by government after the civil war. Some of the simple realities of fact that should be recognized, before even beginning to understand the problem, and the reasons.
Sadly, in this nation, the emotional relativism of some has greater validity that the reality of what actually happened—and the history of the result. Our society refutes facts, refutes the examples of failure. In fact our society believes in illusions on a continuum, you could say ‘WE ARE THE NATION OF HALLUCINATION.’
Many Americans today still alive were given some foundations of the absolute miracle of this nation’s very existence. Compounding that small miracle is since the application of the Constitution, everything the political parties have been able to do, to destroy that simple philosophy of ‘all men are created equal,’ even still exists.
We too often never take the time to review and think of the wonder of our nation’s philosophy, our idealism, and our wonder. To repeat it is my pleasure, for everyone in this nation daily should recite it, till we begin to comprehend its meaning. ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…’
This is the reality that makes the vindictive vindication of our president’s wife so injurious. A woman who lived in this nation, when it had the principles of all are equal—before the legislation that institutionalized racism—to say, she is…when her husband, our Mea Maxima Culpa ‘this nation’s greatest mistake’ was elected to the presidency—proud of this nation. She’d only had six months of living in the America—before our ideals, our philosophy was destroyed—so obviously she certainly didn’t, and doesn’t today, know our nation.
The year 1964 still stands as the epitaph, the death knoll of America’s idealism. It was in that year, that our legislators decided to make laws that were the nihilism, the diametric opposite, and the antithesis of our American foundation and principles.
Mr. King was identifying that laws, which prevented that all men are created equal, existed and must be corrected.
This fact is that, fact. Many laws created not with preserving that men are equal, had been created—not of reason—but as the antithesis of laws dictated upon the society of the South, by the dictate of the federal government. They were not laws or legislation of reason, they were laws of reaction, the prevention of the destructive nature of the laws of the federal government.
So let’s define the problem in words that are the description.
The problem to be address is, ‘that legislation has been passed where the laws they create are identified based on the color or a person’s skin.’
This is, and still is the problem. For what was the answer to correct this ‘identified’ problem?
The answer to correct the problem was ‘create legislation has been passed where the laws they create are identified based on the color or a person’s skin.’
Oh of course, to camouflage the intent, the vindictive nature, and the nihilism of the legislation they added bells and whistles, including other demographic hegemony to—once again advance the nihilism of equal—in the guise of civil rights.
From this mistake, once a snowball starts rolling, the continuation of the errors accelerated. Affirmative action has done more to destroy the concept of judgment on character, ability, proven record of accomplishment, and destroying the very foundation of work ethics, and striving for excellence equal to, or as great as the dementia of communism has in the rest of the world.
The philosophical concept that all are equal, all have rights, and all are responsible for what they do with that wonder — it is not the role of government to decide, by some subjective relativism—and sadly not on the color of a person’s skin—what they are entitled.
The Supreme—disgrace—Court making the decisions that all should be judged on merit and ability, not the color of their skin—is only the tip of the iceberg. What is required now is all of the fallacy of multi-culturalism, diversity, and amalgamation of races into this society—must also be overturned and rejected—and the simple ideal of all men are created equal—with the rights of nature and nature’s God—restored.