What is this 'LIBERTY' we are losing?

We have a nation today that has no more idea of the loss of what is happening, as they know not what it was they were supposed to vigilant of, or even what this liberty they are losing is.
• Posted by Dan Short View Blog
How can anyone challenge the wonder of this nation? When every second of every day, I thank the God of this universe of how fortunate, am I, to be living in this wonder?
Who that is an American, can even comprehend this constant diatribe of negativity, this unending attack of the foundations of some irrational observation that this nation—this nation—could possibly be the problem with anything of this world’s problems?
We as citizens cannot be naïve enough to say we are perfect. Lord knows when we look at the absolute insanity of the legislation of our government since…let’s start with the first major mistake of 1779…we can truly wonder what they are thinking of. Yet, if we take this nation as a comparative to any society that has ever existed in the empirical history of mankind, who in their cognitive reality can ever identify any society with the wonder of America?
Perhaps it is this simple reality, this…as Socrates identified, that if it is proven correct, it is truth…this nation’s design is such truth. There is no argument of any with their artificiality of senseless derogatory verbal articulation that can even make any comment, with verification…that refutes this reality. Yet in some absolute illogical, irrational, and incomprehensible continuum as citizens of this nation, we are inundated by negativity of senseless origin, and false accusation. All the while, as the citizens of this wonder, so many stand in mute silence, immobilized, as if awe struck with the stupidity of this insult on reality, helpless to even react.
In the history of mankind, there have been many attacks on the basic foundations of civilization. Our history is wrought with example after example of the slow advancement of man’s struggle to find in the social environment of existence, that there are things that make society advance. As well as those that are detrimental to the basic foundations of what is and are the ‘rights’ that our creator endowed on each and every man when born. This simple acknowledgement is magnified in the simplest of presentations known to mankind. Those simple words, of such clarity, that to misinterpret them seems beyond comprehension—a wonder that anyone, anywhere, could possibly not by just that simple acknowledgement—comprehend the wonder of this nation’s design. We take these truths, to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. Not that all men are the same, that all societies are the same, that the results of the free will of men all result in some similarity, but that if a society when truth exists. Then and only then can it exist if any man in that society by legislation or proclamation of any design elevate one over another, the covenant is broken, and it is not truth. This should be repeating on a continuum, required as should the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ in every school, in every society, in every company, every congregation of citizens of this nation meeting, until this nation once again understands and admits who we are. Until the citizens of this nation understand who they are, where they came from, and why it is remarkable—no, more than remarkable, it is a miracle—that any nation of man ever existed with the wonder of this nation.
We live in a nation where it is the relativism of our society, what we ourselves experience. Each and every myopic view of the society in which we live, our confirmation. Magnified by the absolute propaganda, of about everything our citizens are exposed. Every once in a while, a small ray of reason, some truth, some reality of the wonder this nation is, appears. Not long ago a young man, a singer with what he expressed as love for this nation, gave us a song that resonated in the hearts of many Americans. If you have not heard it, it may be of some enjoyment to hear something admiring this nation, instead of the constant rhetoric as our president verbally inundates our society with a continuum that derogates, denigrates, disparages, and defiles the wonder of this nation. Even just this song title says in one statement more than the absolute constant insult, of a man that in his record of existence, has never said one word, stated on statement, or acknowledged even once this nation’s absolute exceptionalism. ‘I’m proud to be an American!’
Proud, I’m more than proud to be an American, I’m humbled that in all the random possibilities that could have been; for some unknown reason, that I have no knowledge to explain; I’m the progeny of those who abandoned all of what they had to come to this nation of absolute incomprehensible wonder.
We have begun a new ‘revolution’ in this nation that to those who have even the slightest comprehension of our nation’s design are confused, dumbfounded, and lost as to the direction of this nation. It takes little acknowledgement that the design of this nation of wonder, our exceptional miracle of this nation, this shining pinnacle of man’s greatest advancement of governmental attempt—this great experiment—is being inundated, transformed, and destroyed right before our very eyes.
Are there any in this nation who do not know what the problem with having a king created? Is there anyone who doesn’t comprehend the simple statement, this nation does not, will not, and has not ever submitted to the dictates of any—except the tyranny of Lincoln—without rejection. Even then, those who abided by the concept of a representative republic chose to withdraw rather than comply.
Our very genesis of association, the Articles of Association, of the confederation of these united states in this nation of American had but one constrict. That government that which is the most dangerous of all entities known to mankind must be answerable to the people at the lowest interaction of the colonial states. For it takes no intelligence, no epitome of some incomprehensible intellect, not even reason to accept the simple reality that Socrates was right. For it was he who told us in explanation, if it works, it is truth. This simple reality is ignored, while dismissed by our nation then as today. For as in all attempts of government—perfection is unknown—and no government ever in the empirical history of man has any proof of perfect. As such, even this marvel of design had error. That simple error was the same genesis that was then and is today the reason those of this nation refuted the power of any totalitarianism. Refuting any king, any who claimed sovereignty to dictate that they, as government, had the right to steal from the people in the form of taxes, that which—as the Scottish constitution had declared—no man by the laws of the society the criminal legislation of the land could not do.
The error, that the request of this theft, this taxation, was at the requirement of the states based on the value of the property of each and every state. The problem, in a representative republic, not a ‘damn-o-crazy’ of our current design, those to be elected had to be taxpayers. So in essence, the simple fact that all men are driven by ‘self-interest,’ to vote to increase taxation—the theft of government on one’s self…unlike the insanity of those today who say, people want to pay more taxes…an unproven and unverifiable falsehood. There is not an example—to reduce your efforts paying for the decisions of other, which you may or not agree with, and is against your own self-interest that is the decision of any man with rational thought.
How important are taxes to this nations design? Except for this simple reality, taxation lit the powder keg, created the spark that put into action the very idea the concept of the revolution of our nation. If we ignore that, then we can say taxes were not much of a factor of our nation’s genesis.
Is it taught in our nation’s schools? Is it not fact it was taxation of government that united the states of America into collective union? That this union of opposition to those who would tax—who dictated upon those in this nation, their determination of theft upon the citizenry—then rebelled, declaring their independence. How as a nation today, is this simple reality so missing from the very foundations of those who today are this nation’s inhabitants? What happened to circumvent the reason, the logic, the philosophy and the principles that are this nation’s foundations unknown today?
The end of this nation began with the acceptance of the Constitution, whose very concept of why a free people would accept it, are in diametric opposition to why we rebelled against the totalitarianism of the crown in our beginning. As in, the Articles of Confederation the same problem exist in the constitution. That simple reality, that if the states could not bring themselves to pay for the debts of the federal government, that through some magical separation of the federal government having the dictate—the authoritarian power—to demand from the citizenry or through many forms of taxation, for the purpose of the wishes of? Here is the dichotomy. In 1789 when the Articles of Confederation were by someone’s hypothetical analysis, found a failure, the constitution was ratified. Ratified in 1791 and in 1792 a new danger, a danger that found that there is a means to control government—something neither the Articles of Confederation nor the Constitution by proof have not been able to do. They did it with the simples, stealthy, and unknown to our exposure with the most dangerous enemy of civilization known, provable, this or any nation has ever experienced. That unknown, unrecognized, and unchallenged danger, the true enemy of the people of this nation, was the creation of the—as Jefferson identified it—the Democratic Republican Party. Is it not unimaginable that the dementia of this insanity of democracy, which had some constraints as the city states of Ancient Greece, which today has so been metamorphosized that it has no more representative similarity to the democracy of ancient Greece than the surface of the moon does to the lust growth of the Amazon. The results we in this nation do not have anything democratic, instead, as I’ve eluded our results are the ‘damn-o-crazy’ of some insane political catastrophe. Yet this entity, this imaginary separate political parties, this corruptive machine—this political machine—in some insanity of by-partisanship are today advancing theft to immeasurable levels.
Today as always there is only one inoculation that can preserve the society of mankind from slavery. It is the simple acknowledgement that if men think, the probability of accepting slavery is reduced exponentially to the knowledge they acquire. It is the format, the foundations of every ideology known to mankind. It is the basis of communism, islamism, and every other form of insanityism known to mankind today as in our empirical history of man’s literacy. It is ignorance, not stupidity—for to be stupid requires that, there is an assumption one should know better—beyond comprehension. Today we have a society where the general populace is not only oblivious to even simple concepts, like reality, but in their own acceptance that being ignorant, or advancing ignorance is desirable direction. Perhaps the reason that the most unqualified member of the species of man, our current president was elected, for he is the epitome of success to know nothing about so much.
That is our challenge and that is our condemnation. For in this nation long ago those who created this design said it as eloquently as could ever be. For one whom by accepting that which should have never been, the political seed of our nation’s destruction, warned the people. “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” It sounds simple, it sounds easy, and it sounds possible. In America, as in the world, there is one caveat that is not acknowledged. Without the knowledge to recognize, that which works, that which is truth; then the tools too even be vigilant are missing. Resulting in a nation today that has no more idea of the loss of what is happening, as they know not what it was they were supposed to vigilant of, or even what this liberty they are losing is.