Under the criminal codes of this nation, the punishment for deliberate homicide is death! Should any less be demanded for the premeditated, deliberate actions of destroying a nation?

Under the criminal codes of this nation, the punishment for deliberate homicide is death! Should any less be demanded for the premeditated, deliberate actions of destroying a nation?
What is the word for a nation with a psychosis, allowing the indebtedness of their children and grandchildren, to finance an invasion, which will destroy their nation?
Often it is beyond comprehension to even listen, read, and observe what is occurring in this nation and attaching it to reason of a rational man. Instead finding one’s self stupefied, and one’s reasoning so convoluted that no man has the ability to advance such illogical application of this willing suspension of disbelief.
What possible means can any citizen of this nation use to refute the fact this nation is under attack, and has been under attack for the last 50 years?
The enemies of this nation do not stand up and say, hey, I’m your enemy and I wish to destroy your nation! They are recruited by political parties, financed by the political parties, elected in those political parties, and once in power – again using the power of government – create legislation to destroy the laws, the principles, and the idealism of this nation. They are not in just one political party, they are in both political parties, and the obvious fact is so self-evident it is as self-evident as the philosophy of this nation’s genesis.
The why they are, the reason they exist, and the success they have is also self-evident. Their objective is as fundamentally identifiable as the reality of the ‘fundamental transformation’ our nation is currently experiencing. It is not something new, something unique, or something that is only applicable to them and no others – it is and has always been – that desire power, and power alone. In the history of all nations, since time immemorial when the King declared that he was the King, this self-centered, desire for power and control over their fellow man has existed. This is the driver making those who want to not lead – but dictate to others – advance to obtain that leadership. There are few examples of leadership known in the history of mankind. Even the name we recognize as exceptional, Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, who was offered dictatorship of Rome, to preserve against an ‘INVASION’ of Rome, when the enemy was defeated he resigned and returned to his farm. Even he did not believe in the idealism of our nation, that men are equal. Tarnish on the façade of perfection. Yet he did not, nor would not, allow an invasion that would destroy his nation to occur without resistance.
It is beyond rational comprehension that when an invasion occurs – albeit not only an invasion, but assisted by our own government – those of this nation cannot, or refuse to acknowledge that fact. Perhaps it is because those who don’t realize that those who would destroy this nation have been doing so for so long, they think it is the objective of this nation to self-destruct thus accepting the government advocating this invasion. Perhaps it is the simple reality that from our nation’s very concept there were opposing attitudes and concepts of what this nation would be – though all within the culture and the ethnicity of our nation’s design – that they think this is just the same clash, not recognizing the difference. Perhaps it is just the harsh reality that is so difficult to accept that this nation is so damn illiterate, and uneducated, they know nothing of the question, in fact would not even comprehend the question if asked.
Is it that as Americans we see the world as Americans? As such, when an American identifies that to be done, they do it. It worked in our national government – even with making errors on a continuum – of much of our history. Of course then those who made decisions made them on facts, history, reference, and known situations that were similar, knowing the results. Not in this world of ours today. Today we have those who are with only one objective, to destroy this nation. They are also something not new to our society. There has been the clash of centralized power of government, versus the Republic form of government since our creation. Society forgets that at this nation’s beginning, it was the desire of this nation to preserve this nation. One of the original clashes between the government’s power and the preservation of the liberty of man – from the intrusion of government dictates – upon their freedom. History records them as Alien and Sedition Acts as the pieces of controversial legislation passed by President John Adams as the Naturalization Act. Is it not a bit of a conundrum to imagine? How can one comprehend that it was against the legislative laws of the nation to speak against, or act against the interest of this nation. Think of today, if this applied, our current president could not speak without being arrested and charged with a criminal offense. Excuse me for a moment, I never thought of the implication until just writing that, a moment of raptor overcame me just imagining such a wonder. While today in this nation, if it is not negative, against this nation, it is not newsworthy. How can a nation go to the exact opposite – the total opposite, the diametric opposite – of what once was this nation’s idealism, and concern?
Is it not quite strange to think there are many in this nation that have never heard in their lives anything positive about this nation. The absolute irrational, illogical, and corrosive attacks on the Bush administration, nothing but negative, negative, and more negative. That followed by the 5 years of premeditated, malicious, and devastating use of the government in some masochistic reward of Obama’s. His calling card, I hate this nation – I hate your society, I hate your culture, I hate the race of your demographics, I hate the concept of your religion, I hate the form of your government, in fact I so hate this nation – I wish to ‘fundamentally transform’ it.
Inundated by this mantra of some dogmatic rhetoric or irrationality, is it any wonder the youth, the adolescence, the young adults of this nation search for life in not reality, but some other alternative? Comprehend the differential of this nation’s beginning and now. At the square in Boston, stood the youth, the young men of this nation – with knowledge and concern – facing what they identified as danger to their society. It was the youth, the young men of this nation, who stood at the bridge at Concord, again in opposition to that they identified as the danger to their society.
Contrast that to this nation today. Can you show me one example of the youth of this nation standing up for this nation’s preservation? If so you have great insight. Is not our news inundated by those who break the law, create riots, challenge authority, and reject the civilization of our society?
There was a reason then, that this nation has such great fear of its destruction. Those who created it, knew it flawed, but something never that had existed before. They also knew it was a wonder it ever became a nation. The turmoil of worldwide war occurring from India to American, with the participants of all of Europe involved, leaving this nation – These STATES united in America – in the backwater, allowing our revolutionary success. Never once, not for a moment did they feel that this nation’s preservation was secure. As events in the War of 1812 – when again opposing Britain were so confirmed – the reality – that no matter our philosophy, not matter our principles, no matter our wonder, the reality existed that perhaps with any nation having a concerted effort to this nation capture, it was possible. Our very existence preserved for the simple reason that the major powers were so busy with each other – each to dominate the other – that this nation was acknowledged, but not a concern. Something that after the important things are settled, could be dealt with and resolved later.
There was a fear that our government could fail at any moment, and that the easiest way for it fail was to have someone inside the government assisting in that failure. There fears are not speculation; they wrote them into the very fabric, the format of this nation design. In the Constitution of the united STATES Article 3 Section 3 is specific and Identifies ‘TREASON and its PUNISHMENT.’
Think of our scenario today, the administration – without constraint – used the state to destroy this nation. It is confirmable by every action they take, everything they do, every presidential directive they initiate, and everything, everything advanced for this nation’s nihilism … that fundamental transformation … their goal.
This reality can be now shown that there today is a difference in this nation’s preservation and what the reason for the use of government force is. Once the force of this nation was considered to be used only for only this nation’s preservation. Not today, this concept has also been reversed in the application of our government today. The absolute fiasco on our border, and the situation in Ferguson, MO are the perfect example of how absurd our government has become. The State government has called out the National Guard against the citizens of Ferguson, MO. The point is not that perhaps it was the right thing to do at this point in time. Now is it not interesting, and we are about to hear, if our president thinks it is appropriate to bring in the National Guard for civil disturbance.
Contrast that to objections of Democratic congressmen blasting governor Rich Perry of Texas for sending National Guard troops to the border to do that which the federal government is responsible, but refusing to do. Contrast that to the actions of the Department of Justice bringing suit against Jan Brewer authorizing her state, Arizona to enforce federal law, drawing legal suit from the DOJ. This is insanity, beyond insanity.
Once the government of this nation was as our Declaration of Independence declared, that government were made among men to enforce the endowed rights of the citizens of this nation. Today the Democratic Party, is as it has been for far too long, believes the purpose of government is a weapon to be used nor for – by against – the citizens. The role of government is to dictate, regulate, legislate, enforce, and subdue the citizens to their – the government’s – wishes.
While today the greatest invasion of this nation, that has ever occurred, is continuing on a continuum. An invasion of those not of our society, not of our culture, not of anything that is American – nor does this enemy desire anything of this nation than the generosity of the teat of our altruism – are invading with greater venomous destructive intent ever known to this nation before.
This invasion is not singular, for it is assisted by the treasonous actions of this administration and their directions to the bureaucracy in an act of war, design and construct this invasion, in total disregard and in adverse position to the laws of this nation. The goal is to destroy this nation, to allow the enemy at our gates access. Once the enemy is within, the goal in abject diametric opposition to this nation’s design, use the destructive legislation – the poison in our laws designed by those who would destroy this nation, this fundamental transformation – in place, to give this enemy the capacity to overthrow, by corrupting … every idealism, principle, and philosophy ... the concepts of our nation.
When a politician not only assists but initiates foreign nihilism of one’s own government it is war against this nation. Often confusion exists because our society does not realize the definition or the objective of war. Carl von Clausewitz of military fame in Germany studied – something seemingly unknown in our society today, history, politics, education, and science reaching this conclusion – the best most civilized society accepts the military objectives in war is that it supports one's political objectives. Those objectives fall into two broad types: ‘war to achieve limited aims’ and war to ‘disarm’ the enemy: ‘to render [him] politically helpless or militarily impotent.’
Here is the confusion; it is just as invading to a nation to destroy it by gaining control of the government and then using the power of the state – as Lenin did destroying the Russian Constitutional government after the abdication of the czar – as what this current American nihilism is presently doing to this nation. Is this not the why to bring in those of other culture, other societies, using the format of Saul Alinsky to overload the welfare insanity of this nation? Is it not the why the invasion of illegals, then using the corrosive and dangerous design of the insanity of ‘chain immigration’ to destroy this nation’s demographics, guaranteeing this nations culture makeup will be destroyed forever? Is it not the why our nation’s economic foundation is retarded by legislation to corrupt and completely destroy our form of enterprise, rendering our society broke, destitute and controllable? Is it not the why our currency is being monetized, destroyed, and debauched on a continuum rendering even the use of currency an illusion? The list goes on and on, continuing each and every day, with one and only one objective of all these activities; the destruction of this nation – this form of government, this form of legislative process, and this form of a nation of philosophy of men are created equal – from the face of this planet.
This is the greatest treason since Lenin. It is provable fact that the same design used by Lenin to destroy this nation is being carbon copied by the actions of this administration. If we consider the competence of those in this administration, it is not Valerie Jarret, it is not Erick Holder, and it certainly isn’t the capacity of our current president that is advancing this invidious design. It is more easily to believe that in the white house – in the working of this administration – is the format of Lenin’s, with checkmarks as each and every iniquitous action, each and every nefarious concept, each and every unethical, immoral, and unsavory villainous premeditation of destruction this president initiates. All aiming to the ‘fundamental transformation’ and achieve the nihilistic genocide of the American way of life, the American society, the American government, and most of all the reduction of the race of white people. White people, his most hatred objective he’s shown over and over – as his mother raised him, to identify, they are not my people, the genesis of his soul – to destroy and apply … in his, as his wife’s relativism … just retribution.
What fallacy to think of suing the president, or even impeaching. Neither addresses the actions, or the design of his objective. It is so obvious that this man has declared war against this nation. His allies are around him, also identifiable. His actions using every agency of this nation have nothing to do with his oath of office – to protect and defend the foundations of this nation, its enumerations, our constitution – rather we have example after example he has done all in his power to destroy this nation. He has used breaking the laws of this nation to carry out this design, never veering or even acknowledging those same laws if they hinder his advance. This is the same, this is identical, this is the format established by Lenis, applied over and over whenever the dementia of communism destroys a nation.
Americans do not comprehend that communism, is the antithesis of America. There is not one concept of communism – the same as the dementia of islam – that can even coexist in the design of the American philosophy.
Carl von Clausewitz was certainly correct, the objectives in war is that it supports one's political objectives. This is the exact template, the format, and the conduct of this man – this traitor – to this nation of our current president.
There is by our Constitution the law to deal with traitors. As fore mentioned, in Article 3 Section 3 it is very specific to the actions that identify what treason is. Treason against the united STATES, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them aid and Comfort. No person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.
Are there not millions in this nation who are not witness to the aid and comfort to the invasion of illegals into this nation? It matters not what their age, their circumstance, what is important is that this administration – by actions directed by this administration – with intent, and maliciousness offered this aid to bring aliens, those foreign to this nation into this nation. The exact definition of war, applied not from an external enemy, but by an enemy of much greater toxicity, a traitor in our midst.
There is none, in this nation, or outside this nation, who does not realize that the actions of this administration have rendered this nation politically helpless. This administration has initiated a coup of destroying our nation’s military as great as Stalin did with Lenin’s design in Russia. Today our military is gutted of anyone who has American ideals, American principles, or even dismissed if they believe in such strange concepts such as Christianity, or Constitutional form of Republic government. Creating the most impotent military, this nation has ever had.
There is no other just decision that to impeach for this treason, and the full extent of the punishment authorized applied. The judgment in Cases of Impeachment – for treason – shall not extend further than to removal from Office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States … that no retirement, no acknowledgement shall be rendered, except as the brand of traitor shall be conferred … but the Party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to Law. That punishment should be as the crime committed: as it was to destroy this nation, the capital punishment of one who would destroy this nation – shall be forfeit – the only punishment that is even measurable … or has the moral equivalency – with the crime committed.
This is the question we need to answer. Under the criminal codes of this nation, the punishment for deliberate homicide is death! Should any less be demanded for the premeditated, deliberate actions of destroying a nation?