They will some-day come for you!

As the insult of communism continually insults this nation as it is ‘fundamentally transformed’ one eerie question is lacking in the absolute silence; where are the Americans?
In the society of men, the current environment of not only this nation but also the world, an identifier used is we are Homo sapiens. There are those who advance the hypothesis…that is accepted by those who never take the time to consider the reality…that our species, the species of man, has come from an evolution of something else. Eventually reaching the identifiable plateau where man is in the world of anthropology now…how I’m not sure this reference is determined…are Homo (the species of man) sapiens (elder wise humans.)
So by the reasoning—the hypothesis—of the anthropologist, man began as a grub eating, flea picking Homo (human) erectus (that could stand upright.) Eventually—by their hypothesis evolving over time…learning, developing language, literacy, and reason thus changing…became what we are today. Let’s see, today the majority of our society is involved in not grub eating, but marijuana smoking, they don’t pick fleas, they pick the Democratic Party. With this simple sample evaluation, is it not a wonder if man has—or even could have—evolved at all?
As you are entertained by this raving, you may be asking yourself, what is the relationship between the ‘fundamental transformation’ and the advancement of communism in this nation, and the hypothesis of evolution? Let me insure you there is a direct connection, and analogy.
In the history of mankind, our empirical records have recorded certain ‘irrefutable’ facts. Along with many that are conclusions of ‘hypothetical, guesses’ of fact based on some estimation. One is, that small pox has been ‘hypothesized’ to be the number one killer of men known in man’s literate history. The reason for the hypothesis, not fact, is that the number of those killed in the Western Hemisphere, is unknown. Thus, a speculation of how many existed in the society that did, or could have died.
Yet the number two killer of men is identifiable, and is a rampant and advancing upon our society, this second, this minute, and every hour of ever day of this planet’s current political environment. Man knows this dementia, for it is inundating all of civilization on a continuum. We identify it as, communism. Communist holds a unique place in the history of mankind. As in the empirical record of this psychotic dementia, there is not one example of it every advancing anyone who is not in the draconian position to use government for their own personal desires, in the dementia of islam, and the concept of accepting slavery, only is this reality known. In fact, it is the only psychosis ever advanced where the template, the format of the very application is based on the domination of society, and the killing of all who oppose, as coincidentally also is islam.
Is the dichotomy becoming obvious? As our founding fathers used the eloquent literacy of language to identify the reality, the facts, the known constants of the society of man—we take these truths to be self-evident. So also, does the recorded history, the application of the dementia of the psychosis, and the psychotic dementia of communism leave a trail of their nihilism of man’s civilization that is also self-evident!
The recorded numbers are historical fascination. To think of destroying the lives of so many, the aggregate now approaching close to ‘ONE BILLION’ people have been killed in the advancement of this concept identified in genesis of the Christian Bible. Many do not know the story of Cain and Able, but the format of communism was set in stone in this recoded event. For Cain in his own relativism, decided that what Able possessed, he should redistribute. Concluding that what Able had would be best served if redistributed to him; even if Able must die in the process. This is the identical same constant of the foundations of communism to this day. Your demise has no concern, as long as using the power of the state to steal in their behalf is accomplished.
It is this self-interest—this concept that you are not responsible for being civilized or even humanized, while advancing the artificiality of government as an agent of theft for your benefit. This is the simplest of psychological needs, the lowest form of reason and rational thought, shared by every species of living organism on this planet.
Here is the dichotomy that absolutely is beyond comprehension. Those who would believe that something could come from nothing believe without any example of this reality every occurring. In the universe of which we reside, in the constants of the physics of all that is, or all that—from what we can determine—will ever be there is not one example of something from nothing every happening. In fact, this reality was magnificently emphasized in a recent documentary ‘The Big History of Everything’ a historical drama series special. I have not had the opportunity to watch it all, but the opening scene said it all—that God is, and that the proof of God is the universe in which we exist.
I’m not sure if they even realized the conformation they made in their opening statement. Yet those simple words they used, was the most remarkable presentation of the reality of God I’d ever experienced. The worlds were simple really. So simple perhaps that most would not even understand the significance. For our universe is as Charles-Louis de Secondat…Montesquieu described it; where all laws are constants. In the world of atomic structure, of the laws of nature, and the creator of those laws, God’s laws, they are all constants. Every single atom, every atomic element of the universe in which we live is identified only because of the stability of matter and energy is, and remains always, in constant relationship. If one but knows this simple reality, the opening statement—of the documentary—is so enlightening it hits one like an epitome, a revelation one had not conceived or acknowledged before. How simple but saying so much. In the beginning, ‘FROM NOTHING CAME ALL THAT IS OR WILL EVER BE.’ Then the program continued, in each and every presentation confirming that an ‘intelligent design’ some creator, in means we can acknowledge but not know, constructed the universe in which we reside. I can only add my simple observation, that it is one of the most remarkable presentations of God’s wonder I’ve ever experienced.
Yet the wonder of this presentation is the facts, of the theorems they have constructed, by contemplation of the facts of reality we know of this universes design. For in this scenario, time was an element of the change of atomic structure, the transfer of energy into violent reactions, and the result of the element of time assisting in the creation of even the elements of our universe.
In every example, in each and every event, all that happened occurred in a Petri dish of what—by our knowledge of physics, and atomic structure—by our observation and understanding occurred. In the Biblical presentation, God made heaven and earth, so is it in their presentation. Only instead of the synopsis of the fact, God did it. They instead chose to develop the scientific observations, the proven proofs of element structure and construct required to create the atomic structure, and the elements of what this universe consist of. Leading to that statement of absolute marvelous insight, ‘from nothing—no from God—came all that ever was or ever will be.’
In the world of science, men of great scientific insight have always asked this question. Einstein said it best in his explanation of his quest; I want to know how God created this world. ‘I’m not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element; I want to know his thoughts.’
So man, in his limited concept of scientific knowledge, concludes that from nothing, came all that ever was or ever will be—and dismisses the fact that using the correlation of all we know…that from nothing has never come something…is false, and void. Perhaps Einstein would have been in search of a much more difficult question is he but asked; how can men ignore all the facts and the laws, the constants of all their known existence, while so easily accepting, that which is ludicrous and fallacy?
Is it not obvious, it isn’t that mankind doesn’t have the ability to refute reality, to dismiss facts, to see the world through the eyes of some prism of distortion believing it is fact. For man in his own relativism and in some retarded illusion that it is he that is the ruler of the universe. He has also accepted the fallacy and the lie of the dementia of Cain, the distortion of Marx, and the destruction of not only Lenin. As our current Mea Maxima Culpa…the one we elected in some stupor of immeasurable illusion or hallucination, whose administration is the carbon copy of Lenin’s, down to using the power of the state to make all men slaves.
What is the proof of my observation? As in our Declaration of this nation’s Independence, is it not ‘self-evident?’ Is it not truth? Does it require stating the obvious?
Perhaps it’s the reality of lacking knowledge of how did Lenin destroy a nation. Where the Czar—a form of government that had, not as Lincoln, freed 3 million, at the price of killing 1 million, but freed 20 Million without the death of a single person, while creating a society where all men had sustenance—abdicated to a ‘democratic’ elected congress. Lenin, the man who directed the killing of over 100 Million citizens…the comrades…while taking a society of men into perpetual darkness that exists to this day!
What was the key to Lenin’s success? See if this sounds familiar, they politburo locked out the residing majority—the true Bolsheviks—and declaring that his minority party—the true Mensheviks—as the majority. Coming out of this debacle, as our own Nancy Pelosi…declaring after the oDUMBo care fiasco…that they had the power to circumvent congressional procedure, dismiss legal constitutional requirement, and dictate by ‘reconciliation’ that which was never passed to be reconciled. Is this absolute irrational legislation not identical to Lenin? If you cannot or do not see the exact similarity then you’ve a willing suspension of disbelief refuting reality.
Lenin first infiltrated the press, and the police state. Is this not the exact template of this irrational illogical advancement that this nation is a ‘democracy’ the most dangerous and illogical form of government every conceived by rational man? Who in their right mind, if being of sound mind would allow universal suffrage, unless as Vladimir Lenis stated ‘democracy’ is the entry drug to communism.
Is not the infiltration of the NSA, the Internal Revenue Service, the insanity of Homeland Security, not to mention the absolute advancement of monetary and fiscal policy of the Federal Reserve with men who are no more capable of centralized planning than our fearless leader; is this not identical to the infiltration of Lenin in destroying Russia?
One could write a dissertation of the identical format of Lenin’s communist nihilism of destroying Russia, and make a comparative as it is exactly as the template of our nihilist, this Mea Maxima Culpa’s advancement of communism—centralized planning of every aspect of our society--in this nation. The task would be simple, for the format is identical, only the application of how it is being done different.
While this nihilism, this complete destruction of our society, our society, our form of government and even the civilization based on the philosophical idealism of western man is being destroyed, is not silence of all this destruction as absent from the conversation, the press, or the acknowledgement of those who say they represent this nation’s citizens. Why do why hear but a few, a scattered few, those attacked by both political parties, those who are ostracized, attacked, with vicious derogatory insulting verbiage and journalistic venom…for the simple reality they wish to preserve this nation’s wonder!
Today I received several e-mails of propaganda of companies cutting hours because of the debacle of this communist intrusion into health care servicing in this nation. The largest intrusion of injecting communist design into our society greater than the communism of Tarp, the communism of Quantitative easing, the communism of toxic—government demanded loans—assets, and worse than the insanity of potentate dictates of presidential directives destroying this nation’s fundamental concepts of a republic, based on laws. How in the world of reality can anyone, any rational person comes to some illusion, or if drug assisted hallucination that their employer dictated that, their hours are reduced? It is not the employer; it is the government. A government dictating that the company must incur expenses that would destroy even the possibility of economic survival.
There is a sad reality that unfortunately will become fact. There will be a time where the physical destruction, the death of those who oppose this communist intrusion will die. It is the reality of every communist corruption of every nation communism has destroyed. Some of us will be the first to bear the wonder, the final solution of communism, the bullet to the back of the head. Many think that remaining oblivious, smoking dope, being inactive, not voting, not opposing, and accepting slavery will insure your very existence.
In that, you are wrong; for the reality of fact, as proven and as constant and definite as the laws of nature, and natures God. They will some-day come for you!