No one is opposed to immigration!

Is there any more insane concept or position any rational person could possibly make? Is insanity part of the characteristic of the American society today?
Who in their right mind would have some illusion that any nation – especially one with a philosophical idealism as America – can allow those who are not of the ethnicity of our nation to become one with us? More difficult is the willing suspension of disbelief to think that in a world with ideologies of magnitudes of demented psychotic social dementias more dangerous than any disease ever known to the society of mankind. What lack of reason does it take to think that man is some generic civilized entity when the sample set of the reality is the complete opposite? Is it not strange that only in societies of Judea Christian foundations even the observation of civilization is observable?
There are societies that have been open to every ideology, every dementia of social insanity known to mankind. The result, they are societies without hope, without vision, and without even the respect of the citizens of themselves.
Some of suggested that we are at the stage in this ‘fundamental transformation’ of this nation – that the military must step in to preserve this nation.
The responses of those who say they love this nation fascinate me – oh, no we do not want a coup in this nation! Are they cognitive of what is happening in this nation? Has not a coup occurred? Is not our nation today nothing like the design of this nation?
There are many definitions of coup. The most common usage we – society as a whole – knows it is the military coup. This has led some bastardizing the definition that it requires force and violence. While that definition was not the genesis, or the intent. The simple analogy is that a new force – as we measure in the political environment – displaces the existing government.
Is it new? Well when Augusta Caesar brought his army across the Rubicon beginning the Roman Civil War – this very action this coup d'état … breaking the law their government vaccination, their proscription to protect the Republic from a coup began a civil war.
Did not Napoleon conduct a coup d'état in 1799? Was not the Bolshevik Revolution under Lenin – bypassing that horrible democracy that leads to communism, but as we’ve learned in this nation, so slowly – to stage a coup d'état of overthrowing a senate attempting to form an elected government?
Has not the genocidal nihilism of what has happened in this nation – not just the last 5 years … though the destruction has been accelerated … but long before – from the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln when the enumerations of constitutional Republic – LAWS – were discarded and rejected. Opening the Pandora’s Box of this nation’s destruction that has continued unabated except for the sliver of the (2) years of the Warren Harding presidency.
In this nation’s history, there are high water marks where mistakes were made leading to the negative results our country is facing today. They appear in all of the administration, of all the administrations that have existed. Even the actions of this nation have recognized father has a glaring error, which by his actions, created one of the greatest tragedies this nation is still dealing with. Many forget that a congress, the one thing we know of all congresses, is that they are not for this nation – they are for their own power – their own power and nothing else. Often forgotten is the promise of land – the enticement for many to enlist – that would be granted, only and only if, the separation was achieved, and this nation became independent. There was another little problem that the citizens of this nation forget that was the promise of this nation’s genesis, there would be no taxes by the federal government. How interesting, that faster than the citizens forgot this, the congress forgot it much faster – leading to the error – the problem with the constitution.
History tells that the soldiers decided that congress should be responsible for their actions. As they were not, they should be condemned for their error. The choice to condemn, what was referred to as a necktie party, or a hanging.
History tells us it was the force of personality of George Washington that turned back this force, and dismissed the problem.
Well the reality of reality is, when any action is taken, the action also has a consequence. As Newton’s 3rd law of physics explains, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This law is also obvious in the actions of men, and in the society of their political environment of that society. For every action that is chosen to be done, leaves another action, not taken, just as obvious.
The actions of Washington had that consequence. If we would have had, the soldiers of the revolution conduct their necktie party on the crookedness, neglect of duty, and to cut to the chase, the lies of the legislation the congress had passed. Would our nation’s course been different? That is only speculation. That we would know is that the evaluation that now exists as the normal actions of all congresses since them, responsibility, has been removed from their role of conduct. Today the concept is all but disappeared. Some past concept like so many others, holding importance in our beginning, now forgotten.
If it is as simple that, a coup is the rejection of the government standards of a nation and the replacement with another form of governance that is not of the original design.
In this nation, our simple beginning, that simple philosophy of ‘men are equal’ was all required to make the exceptional miracle of this design. So simple in fact, that with that one constraint the greatest concept of government ever conceived from the mind of man was – attempted – and sadly, history tells us by our current scenario not achieved.
Is it not a coup d'état when the congress – a congress that is in action outside the constraints of our design – passes legislation making laws. Then after the passage of that legislation so diametric opposite of this nation design … the mockery of the ‘ridiculous’ health care act … then by actions ‘REMOVE’ themselves, their staffs, their choice of who is affected by this social travesty. Compounding the situation, the administration by administrative fiat – unknown in the construct of our form of government, unilaterally – another concept missing from the American philosophy – FOR POLITICAL PURPOSE – and political purpose only … acts as a potentate choosing who is and who is not affected by the legislation. Who cannot call this a coup d'état?
If anyone, who is of this nation can even pretend to not conceive that this nation is not in danger of a coup d'état but has already experienced such, then you are as the old proverbial axiom identifies, are an idiot. Your mind has no capacity of reason, lacks the observation of the obvious, and is incapable of thought. You have as so many of this nation, refuted fact for fallacy. Accepting the propaganda of government lies and the hypocrisy of those who would fundamentally transform this nation – with the complicacy of what in the beginning was the free press of this nation – on a course of the most complete coup d'état that any nation in the empirical history of man has been experienced. The Roman citizen had no knowledge of the crossing of the Rubicon by Caesar. The peasant of France knew not that his life would improve under Napoleon. The free man of Russia, released from serfdom by Czar Alexander knew freedom from government – and fought to preserve that liberty – when the coup d'état of Lenin brought that nation into the darkness of the dementia of communism. The citizens of this nation rejected the totalitarianism of centralized government, and the dismissal of the constitution as the foundations of this nation’s government under Lincoln – resulting in the waste and totally unnecessary fiasco of the ‘War of Northern Aggression’ against the people – their fellow citizens -- of this society. Thus opening the concept accelerated by Lyndon Johnson of dismissing our creator, and making government the messiah of man’s rights, that the civil rights of government – the diametric opposite of our philosophical design – are our endowment not the inalienable rights or our creator.
The coup d'état has occurred. The nation of THE united STATES of America does not exist. It has been replaced with the ‘FUNDAMENT TRANSFORMATION’ of the genocide, and the nihilism of this nation’s destruction.
It is not the coup d'état that is feared. What is feared by the disgraceful and criminal action of this nation’s government is the restoration of the nation’s design. Even this is not something new. In this nation’s history we forget that our revolution was only new in that a colony of a nation – revolted – not to make something original, but to make the nation comply with the laws and legislation that free men under the English government had come to accept was their ‘inalienable’ rights as freemen.
That same scenario is the same as then. Today a coup d'état had taken place, and is now in control of a government not of this nation’s design. That is the absolute danger we are facing. The nation of Americans is being destroyed by the very misapplication of using legislation not for this nation’s preservation, but for its destruction.
Is there an answer? Many are in wonder, as I, if so what? There is no political party with even the slightest attempt to as their oath of office compelled them to ‘protect and defend the Constitution of the united STATES. They have not, they know it not, the understand it not. As Washington warned us, never trust political parties. We did not hear. We did not listen. Today we experience the error of that decision.
There are few voices that stand for this nation’s preservation. Too many, far too many do not hear them, do not know them, and do not understand them.
The few, the strong, the ones who stand for America we as citizens need to learn to identify them. We must dismiss the lies, the falseness of those who would destroy this nation – who would advance the genocide, the nihilism; the fundamental transformation – of this nation. As the pariahs they are, those not of our society, we must recognize and expose them. For the wonder of this miracle is the last and only hope for the salvation of mankind known. If it is dismissed darkness that will make the dark ages seem enlightened will result.