Is it this nation’s fate to find no men?

Is it this nation’s fate to find no men?

History is a strange place that covers so much; we often just accept the heroes and tyrants with equal acceptance. Our perceptions influenced by presentation of those who are the anthologist, those that by their writing and observation sway the very essence of what our history and our perceptions are.

As such in the world of men, as all men are not the same, but so different it is discernible to even think any two are alike. Each and every one with their own reasoning uses different equivalencies for their opinions. Some men take for face value that which they hear, read, or are indoctrinated at face value. True believers accepting it, as our famous modern American philosopher explained to the people; ‘it depends on what your meaning of is, is!’ This is a perfect example of the difference between measurement of reality, and the measurement of relativism. Where there are no foundations, no moral equivalencies, no mores—that horrible opinionating that right and wrong exist—only what you accept; or sadder yet, what you choose to accept.

That little reality is projected throughout the experiences many of us have. Some of us have been exposed to decisions of men, and seen their choice, also noting the results they make by that choice they make. The current government shutdown was an example of the measurement of our current president, and his actions, measureable to alternatives possible.

What we know is the facts. Our administration used the press, the picture shoot example to an—what do we call this nation, ignorant—society emphasizing that if the congress does not comply with the world of my illusion…this belief I am the potentate with unlimited powers because I was elected…then I shall make life as miserable for as many as possible. The antics of a child, one who has not management or adult skills of problem solving; akin to a spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum. Iconic in that it is the exact template of Vladimir Lenin when establishing his own version of the ‘Dictator of the Proletariat’ the farthest advance the ideology of the dementia of communism has ever achieved.

Many of us have experienced the closer relationship with how men deal with problems. When I say men, I mean also women, for the example I shall share was the actions of a woman. One who made the hard choices of management in order to satisfy in her mind what was her opinion of doing something right—dealing with conditions beyond her immediate control.

The man—my woman heroin—had a small company. As such it bid work and had for many years been successful. The volume of bids available to bid—from the absolute downturn of the economy, again as all problems in this nation participated by government intrusion in the boom and bust Keynesian communist fiscal and monetary not economics, but insanity—reducing the work available. As work shrinks in the world of enterprise, not the government, then the cost of doing the work has greater competition, resulting in lower bids. IN order to get a bid, those who bid on the work, must become not investment managers; but become by necessity the worst managers known throughout mankind’s history, cost managers.

As a side note, it would be such a wondrous world if government had even the slightest acknowledgement of either an investment or cost management concepts; for they are as clueless to reality as ( you fill in the blank, for I cannot think of anything that clueless, advancing ignorance to levels of incomprehensible measurements )

My heroin had many choices she could make. She could do as this absolute tragedy of ‘the Affordable Care Act’ has required so many companies to do—fire and let people go as the expenses for government intrusion into the enterprise, the economics of the nation, has destroyed free enterprise. While it advances the doctrines of communism exponentially on our society. Or she could keep her people. Make choices to preserve their jobs, their standard of at least having a job. Bid for work at lower pricing, keep the company going, but take the gamble, even if it required breaking the ‘laws’ of intrusion into her business of government to do so.

Many in this nation forget, or are oblivious to the extent government intrusion—communism—has already permeated the community of enterprise in this nation. There is not a dollar of economic activity that somehow the intrusion of government, the advancement of central planning, has not already occurred. Yet under different names, legislation as caustic as any draconian measures ever by any communist nation, accepted in naïve ignorance by the citizenry, propagandized by the presentation of government minutia.

I will not supply the facts, for each and every person who works in this nation, on a regular basis, or at least as often as you get paid, has these little realities emphasized whenever they get paid. Look at your pay stub. Acknowledge the theft—as the Scottish Constitution addressed, the government has no right to steal through taxation that which an individual under the criminal laws of the land could not do—of the taxation by our government. So many things dictated by those who it concerns the least. This point emphasized by the latest fiasco of our government’s advancement into the enterprise of our society. Where those who make the law, have also legislation advanced by the ‘dictatorial’ decree of the potentate to subsidize their requirement of payment. Is this not the absolute advancement of absurdity incomprehensible to rational men? How can those who make a draconian law—then be allowed relief—from the legislation they created? A question that is unanswerable, for even the demented and most illogical among us could not answer this insanity.

There is nothing identifiable that does not have some legislation, some law, and some intrusion, passed by government into everything one can think of. In my own evaluation the only thing I’ve been able to identify is if one stands in the sun, and is bombarded by vitamin ‘D,’ it is the only thing I can identify that is…as the illusion of government tells us of so much…’FREE!’

Before I explain the take of my heroin, I must preface the why of evaluations, and considerations of the heroism of this person. In my working life, I’ve worked beside about every race, every nationality, that exists on the face of this planet. Offhand I cannot think of any race or nationality I have not worked with; so in my own personal experience, I have a sample set of people, and their view of the world. IN that sampling one thing that stands out like the Matterhorn of the Alps would on the salt flats of Western America, identified as the flattest geographical formation on this planet; is the respect for laws. In many cultures, and societies laws are but a game. Much as the new attitude of this nation where it is only wrong if one gets caught. This is not the

American philosophy. IN this nation, be it our concepts of a Republic, that we are a nation of laws, or the protestant Christian foundation of mores, morals and religion, I don’t known. I only know that in this nation, laws have value. While every other society laws are only something to be circumvented, or manipulated and corrupted for individual purpose.
My heroin has this respect for law. So her actions will always be my icon, my example of what a man does when decisions are required. Her actions—ignore the requirement of the state—and insure the employment of her workers.

Now how did she do it? It is simple really. She did what all companies do, except government for they just steal without conscience. She collected what the employee must pay in as taxes, retaining that wealth for her company’s continuation. She also did not send in her contribution, her taxation imposed upon her by the state in order to employ people. Instead she used the money to keep the people employed, while placing herself in danger of arrest for breaking the law.

Think of that comparison. An American did everything she could to insure that the people employed kept employment. She did whatever she could in order to make sure the viability of the company continued so the employees had work, had a paycheck, and had a tomorrow of their stability of existence.

Think of the comparison. An American does whatever is possible in order to make the lives of Americans maintain stability. While those who lack any of the foundations of the ethnicity, the culture, and the basic human foundations of an American do the diametric opposite. Using the power of government not for the preservation of society, not for the ease of dealing with problems with the least intrusion possible; but to use that same power to magnify, and exacerbate, make as horrible as possible, as caustic and destructive that can possibly be imposed on society.

It makes, or should make, every citizen of this nation ask but one question; would it not be wonderful to have a man for a president?