I’m madder than hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!

I’m yelling at the top of my lungs, I’m madder than hell and I’m not going to take it anymore. We all should know this little refrain. Yet how many of us are so damn fed up we are throwing open our windows, shouting into the street, and telling the world, this is insanity—we as a nation do not deserve this!

How anyone in their right mind, not some hallucination of smoking marijuana and retarding their minds ability to think, cannot and is not beyond screaming about the attack occurring on this nation is beyond me. Today, thanks to not only the leadership of the dumbest man to ever walk upright on this planet, but a congress that has no more idea of this nation’s design that----? There is no one anywhere else on the face of this planet that doesn’t understand this nation more than the absolute ideocracy of the actions and proposals of this nation’s political parties. I mean ‘both’ political parties, the communist dyed in the wool Democrats, and the damn ignorant communist light of the Republicans.

When I think of this nation’s wonder, I wonder what in the hell are the people, the citizens of this nation thinking. How can any society, of people who profess to be civilized, who make the façade they are homo sapiens—with the ability to think and reason—elect the cause of our demise, the political parties that are politically motivated for their own self-interest than this nation’s wonder.

Every American, who is part of our society—you work providing goods and services—trading you wealth…your life…in exchange for earnings, exchanging your life for currency wealth of transfer can sit idly by while the government is stealing all they can is inconceivable. The government in every way possible uses the corruption of economics to steal from each and every individual every single second, of every hour, of every day and year of your life. While the government is indebting, your progeny into debt they will never be able to pay! Reducing our society to slaves of the government, and the citizens, the people of this nation do not react is beyond the reasoning of rational man.

This nation isn’t ignorant, or are we? The man who developed the communist design of destroying this nation—John Maynard Keynes—told us how it works. ‘The design is simple, for the process engages all the hidden force of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million can diagnose!’ What tripe, anyone, any man or woman who has watched the absolute debauchery, the destruction of the value of wealth by this administration and this congress that cannot identify how it destroys is in cognitive of reality? Who in the hell is so ignorant to not realize that the prices of groceries hasn’t been going up exponentially since this absolute disgrace has been elected. Your electric bill, has it gone down? I won’t even mention the absolute fiasco of the medical servicing destruction occurring, for if you don’t know that you can qualify as a Coloradan—worrying about legalizing marijuana so you can destroy your ability to think—than the reality of living in this world.

It ain’t even begun. The bureaucratic communist attack of central planning on the books designed for initiation this year will make the last 5 years of tragedy seem like an interlude of serene calm.

Well I’m not going to take it! I’m going to do everything in my power—shout at the top of my lungs, refuse to acquiesce, lie down like the spineless Republican Party and imitate a door mat. I’m standing with Dwayne Stovall.

You see, Dwayne Stovall as Texans do, has followed the path first identified by Colonel Travis at the Alamo. Travis’s request was simple, while identical with the same position that Swayne Stovall is taking today, ‘if you stand with me, you stand for Texas, and you stand for this nation cross this line and join me.’

We don’t have to meet in San Antonio and man the walls, but what we must do is just as important. We must become the agents for this nation’s preservation. We must be the campaigners to wake up the ignorant, the naïve, and the complacent to the danger this nation is in. We also must open our wallets; contribute our wealth, of our exchange of life for currency, to fight the powers of the political parties. For the political parties only put up their puppets for the political parties self-interest, the hell with Texans, the hell with this nation. As long as their greed, their crony capitalism, their debaucher of the monetary value of this nation satisfies their wants—and their wants only.

You have a choice; you can stand idly by and watch the government through taxation steal the wealth in your wallet. Alternatively, you can become pro-active and cross that line, stand with Stovall, and do every damn thing you can to insure the ‘Preservation of This…WONDROUS…Nation.’

Cross that line, learn “HOW TO KEEP THE GOVERNMENT FROM STEALING FROM YOU!’ Remember that after March 4th, if we don’t succeed, this nation will once again have a senator from Texas not for Texans, but for the Political Party of acquiescence, the door mats of the current communist intrusion destroying this nation.


My names Dan Short,
I not only approve this message, I wrote it.

I’ve not gained any position of our society by government dictate advancing inequality. I’ve not been allowed into Harvard where I smoked marijuana, and studied Marx. However, I’ve learned that the last thing this nation requires is any damn fundamental transformation.

I also know, that I stand with any American who stands for the ‘Preservation of this Nation.’ For if you don’t you are as much of an enemy to me—as any other enemy this nation has, foreign or domestic.