How does a nation begin a discussion on ‘immigration’ when the foundation of that discussion is; America has no rights to exist?

How does a nation begin a discussion on ‘immigration’ when the foundation of that discussion is; America has no rights to exist?

IN this nation today, one thing that is obvious by the mantra of the press, the discussions of our politicians, and even the rhetoric of the citizenry is; ‘we don’t like to use facts and reason in our decisions making!’

We have the proof! For here are the facts, from our immigration policy of 1924 to the absolute nihilistic, racist policy of the Hart-Celler act of 1964—this nation did not have any immigration problems. Why? If we use the concepts of facts, the answer is simple. They use in the Johnson-Reed act the foundations of first deciding what are the core foundations—the philosophic ideals—that make this nation what it is; then and only then attempted a design to preserve those qualities.

Is this not the same question we are facing today? Is not the problem we are having with immigration, and all of the associated problems that arise from that foundation, all easily determined to be simply…our nation is losing its homogenous makeup and culture…destroying the philosophical idealism that made this nation the wonder it is?

Many have no idea what does it mean to say America is a nation of philosophical ideals. When we have those who think we are a democracy, not even knowing what type of nation our government policy is designed upon, why should we be shocked? But facts, are facts and even though we live in an nation where more people have retarded their mental capacity by smoking dope than recognize facts—the reality still exist—there are facts which count.

To begin, should we not first stop and consider what is or are the basic philosophical ideals of this nation? Even that has somehow been so corrupted in this nation few even know that. Is that not absolutely strange? Especially when in the philosophical document of this nation declarative…the Declaration of Independence…it is written out in the English language. ‘We take these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and are endowed with certain unalienable rights, among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’

Is this so difficult to understand; if so, why? What about this simple declarative, this baseline of this nation’s philosophical idealism of principles is so difficult that our citizens either do not know, or forget what it is, what it says, and the importance of not only remembering but applying this simple principle in the legislation of this nation?

If one contemplates the lowest common denominator, the essence of this nation’s design, this simple concept that all men are created equal is the philosophy. What we forget in the application of design for this philosophy is the caveat that also is implied. That caveat is simple, as simple as our principles, and our philosophy. For it is this; what is implied and required is that to share and become one with this nation; one must also accept this simple fact. That fact is also required in all other concepts, principles, and ideals that create this wonder of a nation in which we live. What is this dangerous, totally incomprehensible, and unknown caveat of this philosophy? Is it not that in order for anyone to be equal to all others; they must also believe that all others have the same rights of being equal? What is so damn difficult for the people in this nation to be so blind as to not comprehend this little reality?

So if that is the principle, what are we doing talking about all the things we hear currently concerning the immigration ‘reform?’

Let’s begin with the most obvious. There is a problem that this nation has up to 20,000,000 illegals that have ‘illegally’ come into this nation.

Who in their right mind—unless they are advancing some agenda to destroy this nation’s foundations—would even consider that those who break the law are a factor in this nation’s legislative decision.

Compounding that ridiculous problem, these same illegals are now advocating the advancement of legislation…civil rights legislation, the most un-American and anti-Constitutional laws ever in this nation…to make legislation for, and on their behalf. Writing this absolute tragedy is beyond comprehension. What next, that serial killers are allowed to advance legislation, and laws that advocate their actions? Yet is it not the same with the advancement of so many other anti-American concepts; kicking God out of school, advancing the sodomy of homosexuality, the break-down of the ethnicity of this nation, our nation’s morals, our mores, our just about everything that is American advanced on an ever escalating scale?

What is considered next? Is it not this insanity of we need these workers? Could there be anything more far from reality than this absolute fallacy? Now add this little reality. The big funder of this insanity is Sheldon Adelsen. Should we ask why?

This man is a billionaire from Las Vegas gambling. What self-interest could he possible desire in spending so much to bring those who are not citizens of this nation into this nation? Here is the sad truth, and the conformation that this nation’s collective ignorance is beyond comprehension. He wants these gray area, non-legal, illegals because; our own ignorant congress and administration, and bureaucracy are so far removed from the philosophy of this nation’s design…they are making laws to create in this nation that men are not equal. Now here is the sad cruel and demented insight to this insanity. Those who are illegal in this nation are dismissed from the same punitive employment taxation, and penalties that are imposed on the citizens of this nation when they work! Think of this absolute beyond reason illogical consequence. A person, who is in this nation illegally, by the legislation of our own government, is given employment advantages not available to the citizens of this nation. Writing this simple reality gives me a headache. It refutes all concepts of reason, rationality, or even comprehension. Something so bizarre it supplants mental acceptance.

There are a few thousand or million other things that must also be considered. What about the destruction of our academic environment?

What about the exponential increase of altruism of government welfare programs? The what a bouts; consist of so many things easily identified problems, directly related to the policies, of the Hart-Celler act, and the decisions of the Supreme Court in advancing the anti-Constitutional and the nihilism of this nation’s destruction.

Yet the Johnson-Reed act created none of these problems. Should we not ask why? Should that not be the beginning of our discussion?

Should it not be, if we have the facts that something worked, while what we have today is not working; that we begin the analysis of why?

What was so marvelous about the Johnson-Reed act, and why did it work? The answer is so damn simple, it isn’t a wonder in a world where the mental capacity of thinking has been retarded by not only the exponential use of marijuana, but a societies that so many are druggies, it is accepted.

What was the simple foundation of the Johnson-Reed act? They began with the simple philosophical foundation that those enter this nation, and wish to assimilate, must have this acceptance of that all men are equal, and believe that all other men also have that right to be equal. Now here is the dilemma. On the face of this planet, even in the genesis of this concept—England—this ideal does not exist. In England, they began the process of legislation to make this their foundations, but the government through monetary and fiscal policy was able to stop the advancement of making ‘right’ man’s liberty, and preserving freedom the foundations.

One nation and one nation alone has this philosophy, or should we say had, as our present administration of legislation and laws make this past-tense not current.

If there are none who do; what would be the next best possible choice for immigration, and still preserve this basic concept? The answer is as obvious as reality itself. If you are a Republic, and the foundations of your philosophy are based on laws—then would it not seem most logical, the most intelligent, the only reasonable answer to then have immigration to allow those who have—in their culture, in their ethnicity—this foundation as those allowed? It is logic, and it was the foundations of the law.

So the result; the English, who have advance law throughout the world more than any society of man; were the most logical choice! What brilliance that required. Secondly, the nations of Europe, the more Western of them, France, Germany, the Danish, Dutch, and the Scandinavian nations had monarchies, legislation, and thanks to Napoleon freeing serfdom from his conquered Europe, knew the concept of ‘liberty,’ freedom from government dictate. BY this choice we allowed those retaining not only demographic society—but a homogeneous society—that had the same cultural, ethnicity, and religious foundations. The result, those who came assimilated, cast off their ‘ancient pomp’ and became ‘e pluribus unum,’ from many one—one cohesive society, with the same foundations of knowing law, knowing government, knowing enterprise of society, and most of all knowing the religion of Protestant reformation; as vital to this nation as air is to life.

Our problem in this nation is the value of equal—confusing it with some equality—and making our decisions incorrectly. All men are equal. This is not an implication, this is not verification, this is not anything but a philosophy of the civilization of mankind in the English Island and the political reformation that their history was. It is not an extension that any society can give to any other. The concept, that all men are equal, must be as ingrained in the very physic of mental knowledge and learning, the wisdom of a society, that becomes tacit—as part of the societies ethnicity as all of the other mores, morals, and religion on which much is based. It is this not only knowing equal, but the theology that they also accept that all other men have that right to in their free-will also be equal.

Think of how many in this nation today come here only for economic advancement. Think of the cultures allowed in this nation that are the diametric opposite in design of this simple foundation; societies where the theocracy of the dementia where concept such as, ‘submit and obey; kill all the infidels…those who will not submit and obey’…are the cornerstone of their corrosive and destructive dementia.

This was the reasoning of the homogeneous design of insuring that those who came to this nation—had the background, the culture, the experience of this nation’s design. Or at least they had some foundation in order to begin the assimilation…and the compliance…with our nation’s laws (as we are a Republic) our mores, morals and religion (as we are a Protestant Christian foundation nation) and the understanding that our philosophical principles are who we are. We need not your culture, your ideologies, your form of laws, or anything else of what you bring. It is as simple as the only verse in the Lazarus’s poem we must remember; ‘Keep ancient lands your storied pomp!’ For this nation is not of the world, is not of society before, and certainly is not of cultures and societies that do not recognize the simple philosophical reality that all men—if matriculated in a society that allows it—are not only created equal, but will do all they can to preserve that simple reality.