Every man listens to a liar on a continuum!

Every man listens to a liar on a continuum!
Is it not difficult to imagine that every man there ever was has that one person they take consul with never knowing if what they are told is a lie or truth? Yet, it is the reality that exists and has existed, since the known literacy of those who thought about the problem and reached this conclusion.
Many of us have been exposed to Socrates, a worker, who once retired began the tedious process of reason, the philosophy of man. Looking at all there is about him, while attempting to place some measurement, some reasoning on that he thought he knew, and what was really fact. Leading him to some simple conclusions, we often forget. That as in the universe; that which is, is. There are no ways to change it, no way to accept it is not what it is without refuting facts, reason, or logic. No way to enact any change in what occurs, it happens on a continuum, and the slight intrusion of man into most events, is just that, a slight intrusion.
While he began this philosophical measurement, one conclusion he felt made sense was those things that worked, were right. This sounds simplistic, and difficult to evaluate, unless you only view objectively what works, as many things that work—for an artificial period—aren’t right. We hear that, but is that fact? The only conclusion that makes sense to my reason is that it is so simple; it is as if we can’t…as society…grasp it. Socrates simple used one criterion in all he evaluated. If ‘TRUTH’ then is should be correct—work—and be confirmable.
Today in this and all societies, truth is as far from the criteria of anything we experience, it is absent. We live in some society where we don’t make an evaluation of what we hear, we do not confirm what we hear, we don’t even think about what we hear. Instead as if man was nothing but some receptor in which to deposit the minutia of absurdity, as some functioning entity without reason accepting absolute falsehoods…never applying that simple evaluator…of either confirmation, or truth.
So who is this liar we are all slaves too? Sadly, we see that individual in the mirror every morning. We are the liar, the most influential liar that affects our lives we will ever know. Accepting that which others tell us is their version, their purpose, their design of truth without stopping for one minute and asking ourselves, is this right. Is not accepting that which is false, also accepting a lie? If we accept a falsehood, that is not confirmable as fact, has no way of proof, nor history of success…confirming it is not truth…is not that the same as accepting a lie? If we make this lie, facts that we then in our ‘learned knowledge’ not only accept the lie, but advocate the fact that the lie is not a lie—that is so absurd what would we call it. In this nation, it is easy, for it identifies the majority of our population.
Many reading my observations, not opinions, are challenged at the length, and the entwining of different confirmations of why the observations I make are presented to make a point. It is simply, I’m not selling dogma. I’m not presenting some mantra I have not the answers. I write as I reason. That in this ‘free-will,’ for those who forget this basic fact of man, we have our own relevance to observe, reason, and conclude all we perceive. We are not robots, not of the collective, not of some ideology, as some would make us believe. We are men, men of the genesis of Homo sapient, implying by definition ‘thinking man.’ If we remove this capacity to use our free will to think, and then conclude by that analysis, right from wrong, are we not then what we see the majority of the populace in this nation currently? Those who do not wish to think, do not wish to question, do not even take the time to when listening engage their mental processing to even understand what is being inundated—propagandized—upon them.
Others, as I are not enlightened, not some with any special insights, have nothing that every other individual who lives in this nation should not have. Is it some knowledge, I think not. Is it some special reasoning, I would say definitely not. If any identifier would be apropos, it would be I’ve lived as an American. The results of that matriculation are as much a part of who I am, and who I am. So when something strikes me as wrong, it is as often from my heart, as from my mind. The foundations of living in this wonder, with all of its errors, are so remarkable, why it is not permeated into each, and every American, is beyond my comprehension. The word of description I’ve been introduced to is a critic. For a critic identifies that something isn’t as it should be—even before the research, the verification, the confirmation—of what seems wrong tacitly, by confirmation is proven.
Personally, I’m envious of those who can just make statements of utter incomprehensible insanity, and stand by it as fact. Who cannot see this in the absolutely irrational, illogical, and unreasonable ‘IDEOLOGY’ of global warming? Do facts matter? No. Does history matter? No. Does scientific confirmation, research that is repeatable, the foundations of science matter? No. What matter is selling the ideology, fact and truth be damned.
The dichotomy of this, the simple reality that if truth, it is confirmable. Facts can be presented, evaluations exist, and the history of every question some think is the exclusive territory of today—a true fallacy—has occurred and a result of reasoning determined. It is that simple when I attempt to understand something. If this is my reason, who am I to by that relativism to say it is correct. The simple conclusion I make, what confirms or rejects this postulate? How can I in some irrational illogical insanity as some, say, ‘we are who we have been waiting for.’ Is this not anything but what would be determined by reason perhaps some psychotic condition? Who has such illusions, or hallucinations, to think their anecdotal ‘relativism’ has greater fact than facts?
Lacking the infinity for academia, but the desire for knowledge, this is my genre. I don’t supply answers; I propose the facts to the question. I don’t even pretend to say, these are solutions that work, I confirm in the history of man’s philosophy, and reason, of the past, these conclusions were reached—and confirmed to be truth—for they had success. It is not my presentation that is your confirmation; it is your reasoning from that starting point of my research that must—or should—result in your conclusion…based on that simple foundation…truth.
There are many examples one can begin with to prove the point of the lie in our society, accepted without reason. They could become…in this nation…enough literacy, books to challenge the size of the western canon and the ‘Great Books of the Western World.’ Some I will explore at some other time.
There is one currently that is the most dangerous the most demented, and the most destructive attacking our society, that no one is dealing with the simple reality of ‘truth’ to acknowledge.
The greatest absolute travesty of accepting lies, versus facts—or truth—is this concept that this nation is not a Christian nation. If one wished to make a comparative the only analogy one could make would have to something equally absurd, perhaps all Americans can be identified because the always walk backward. Each of these hypotheses is equal. They each have no confirmation, no example, and no way to even comprehend, where to begin such irrational relativism.
To even make this discussion is a waste of reason and logic. There is nothing known in our empirical history that does not confirm the fact—by every means known—that this nation is not only based on Christianity, its very foundation is Christianity applied to governance of man. The proof, everything that is written as the foundations of this nation. Such examples anyone can confirm, the ‘Declaration of Independence,’ the ‘Articles of Confederation,’ and verification beyond a doubt, the ‘Bill of Rights,’ the amendments of our ‘Constitution’.
This lie, even when advanced only shows ignorance; it is not nihilistic or destructive. Unless the simple reality of fact anyone who doesn’t recognize this, also has no idea of the exceptional wonder of our nation’s design.
Here is the real danger of our accepting a lie, without doing the research, gaining knowledge and refuting the obvious that is not only danger, but destructive to the society of man.
The one lie perpetuated that is dangerous, not only to this nation, but to the very existence of civilization itself, not challenged is the concept of the theocracy of the dementia of islam.
In the empirical history of man, one nation, and one nation only has an event where the question of what is, or what is not to be recognized as religion has ever occurred. There are many who would refute this as a hypothesis, not fact. Their examples would be, there have been societies that have determined what religion would be the religion of the society. I must agree, and it is there that difference exists. Many societies—in fact most societies—advance theocracy, not religion as known in the Christian theology. Is this just a play on words? Not it represents two diametric concepts we should know, can know, and once knowing should be sufficient to enlighten our reality of what is religion, and what is ideology.
The English earned their title as the finders of truth in many areas. The challenged truth on the simple concept, ‘men are equal’—when born. They challenged the concept of totalitarian government, void of the governed participation. They challenged truth, that to say one is a religion, without some litmus test of confirmation is not only irrational, but voids the ‘free will’ and reason of mankind.
How did they earn this wonder? Simply, they participated in killing each other in the name of religion exponentially for hundreds of years.
The result was what in history is called the English Reformation. This reformation makes the enlightenment of this nation—nothing but the continuation and the conclusion—subservient to this historical event. Anyone can study the history; know the reasons, the conclusions, and the results, so I won’t challenge anyone by placing it here. Only to confirm what if one does not know the English reformation, know the roots of the King James Christianity, know all of the concepts of the purpose of why the Magna Charta was created, know the end of Charles I, know the parliamentary beginning of representative government, then you have no idea what this nation is or why. In those events, the test of determining if anything would be classified as religion. In the advancement of civilized society, a concept was proposed—that all who wish to worship would be allowed—if and only if this criterion was met. In this English period of enlightenment, the genesis of our wonder, THE united STATES of America. In 1649 the ‘Rump…reduced parliament’ during the period, measured what would be required to qualify as a religion.
Influenced by the political group, identified as the ‘levelers…those who conceived the concept of ‘all men are equal’ from birth…which you may recognize, lacking the lies of ideology, but applying the reality of truth created this simple objective measurement as pure today as when suggested. The reason, the declaration for their intent was also identified. So, the consciences of godly men might flourish, and those who did not somehow adhere to the right way would nevertheless be allowed to live in ‘PEACE.’
How simple a test, how direct and to the point, how absolutely poingant to the acknowldgement of requirements; ‘so long as, that was, they themselves also practice peaceful ways.’
Long before this acknowlegement the dementia of islam was rejected as just that, a dementia. To think from 1649—the beginning of this test—islam was rejected, as it them, as now, cannot objectively pass this evaluaion. Is it a wonder, if your genesis is ‘submit and obey,’ what would be compatiable with civilization?
Our society does not know this, this is not presented, this is not acknowldged, and most of all, we use it not for evaluation. Today in this society, we are inundated that islam is a religion. As has been noted, no it is not. It is a theocracy, and extension of totalitarian governance, with this addition, as the NSA, the IRS, and the EPA are extensions of the theocracy of our government—incidentally never our design—in this nation.
Here is how the lie, confuses many, as it gets intertwined with facts, presenting something that many—not knowing truth from lie—accept.
This was presented to me, when I’d made the obvious acknowledgment that the dementia of islam is America’s greatest threat.
This was the reasoning of retort. ‘You know that the ‘queer-ann’ is based on the same religious foundations as Christianity.’
If one has studied, the ‘queer-ann’ one would also know that the ‘queer-ann’ was not written until the 16th century. Then it was written as only some ‘dictate’ of theocratic format. One would also know that those who advanced this ideology have no creativity, not inspiration, nor any enlightenment. What they had was Christianity, the BIBLE, and the concept of a ‘FREECHOICE’ religion. Something this dementia has never achieved except among those—as in this nation—who refute thought, while accepting slavery.
The result, they plagiarized the BIBLE, and then applied it not as the BIBLE, but the diametric inverse. In the BIBLE you, the individual have the highest position of man, while the foundations…of Christianity…is based on the sanctity of life. Did you ever wonder the foundations of the dementia of islam? It is the diametric opposite, the exact inverse, that man has no rights; inalienable or anything else. Man doesn’t even have the simple natural right of thought. Man is but the slave, the chattel of this theocracy and its demented ideology.
Is it not self-evident, that with the same genesis of background—the lie perpetuated by this equivocation—to confuse and corrupt the reason of just, and righteous men, used the camouflage of something right, to hide that which is demented and dangerous.
Nothing we hear, we read, or we acknowledge has any validity without confirmation. Regan once said, trust, but verify. Today, that is not applicable. Today you trust nothing anyone says. You accept nothing anyone ‘propagandized’ you with in the academic environment of this nation—for it has all been corrupted for social engineering—not leaning, or knowledge. The government, the press, every organization that is so anxious to influence…while corrupting our facts, and logic…perpetuate lies, as if fact.
No, we as a nation but need and are required to follow the format identified so long, long ago by Socrates…identify truth! Our eyes will not be blind, our ears will not be filled with lies, and our society will not be corrupted; victims of those whose purpose is not our preservation, but our destruction!