Democrats Video-Stalking Republicans

While both mainstream political parties are prone to resort to thuggery when it suits them, the Democrats have taken it to a whole new level by shadowing Republican candidates using hand-held video cameras. This includes taking video shots of their private homes, as a way to "show" how the GOP is supposely out of touch with the middle class. (You have to wonder if these same folks are also taking video of Nancy Pelosi's vineyard?)

Have the Democrats become more dangerous than the Republicans after 8 years of civil rights abuses by the Bush/Cheney regime? You decide. This following comment on the Politico article outlines some of the Democratic Party's use of threats and intimidation: 

Why the surprise? That's how a marxist tyranny works - with threats and intimidation.

You would think the press would have gotten a clue when

* We saw Obama-supporting union thugs shoving around elderly citizens at the town hall meetings

* We saw Obama-supporting union mobs invading the statehouse in Wisconsin

* We saw Obama-supporting union mobs terrorizing the families of Republican politicians by massing on their front lawns while children were alone in the house

* We saw the open bribes, threats and intimidation that accompanied the ramming of Obamacare down the throats of the American public

* We saw Obama's definition of bipartisanship - "we won, you lost, shut up!"

* We saw Obama use "royal decrees" time after time to do end runs around Congress and the Supreme court, turning our three-branch democracy into a one-branch dictatorship.

* We saw Obama instruct the Justice Department not to enforce laws that he didn't agree with, in open defiance of the Constitution's definition of what the Executive branch is supposed to be all about

* We saw Obama and his Democratic cronies refuse to pass a budget since he's been in office, in open defiance of the instructions in the Constitution that a budget must be submitted every year

I could go on and on, but it is clear that the leadership of the Democratic party has become a cadre of marxist thugs with open contempt for the law, the Constitution and the rights of the American people. It is clear that four more years of this gang of anti-American thugs will not only bring us economic collapse, but a de-factor repeal of the Bill of Rights along with it.

Whatever you may think of Obama and the policies he endorses, it is clear that not only has he been a total failure with his domestic economic policies, not only has he been a failure with his bizarre foreign policies, but he has nothing but utter contempt for the Constitution and our idea of limited government.

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