7-Step Action Plan For More Freedom in 2014

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1. Go Local
Bank and shop local to keep more dollars in your local economy.

2. Be a Job Creator
Instead of being a job taker, become a job creator; if not for others, then at least for yourself.

3. Live Naturally
Vote with your dollars to support non-GMO & organic food, alternative medicine, and natural practitioners.

4. Convert to Active Political Atheism
Choose principles of liberty over party-politics. Actively support real statesmen, and recall treasonous politicians across all party lines.

5. Support Alternative Media
Unplug from corporate media, and tune into alternative media. Actively support independent grassroots journalism, and add your voice to help fill this nation’s void for real investigative journalism.

6. Starve the Beast
Stop paying for, and participating in, government programs which are against your moral and ethical conscience. Choose the brave path of civil disobedience.

7. Support the Right to Self-Defense
Vote, speak out, and demonstrate for American’s rights to defend them selves. Support companies who arm American civilians.

Taking action on every step of this list is going to require considerable commitment, since it’s a revolutionary lifestyle change for most Americans. And, it’s unlikely that most can fulfill every action on this plan; however, when we do what we can, when we can, to the best of our ability, we will get closer to our goal of increased liberty. If just 3% of the population was responsible for winning the first American Revolution, then imagine the difference that just 3% of today’s population can make by applying these non-violent solutions in America’s second revolution. Stay encouraged. Stay committed. Each of us can make a difference, for freedom’s sake.

To Learn More, watch: How to Defeat the System by Fabian4Liberty

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