7-Step Action Plan For More Freedom in 2014, Step Six: Starve The Beast

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Stop paying for, and participating in, government programs which are against your moral and ethical conscience. Choose the brave path of civil disobedience.

Let’s face it: We’re up against a Goliath. Worse, we’re up against a Goliath that’s being fed by the fruits of our own labor. So, just as simply as it was recently proposed that we shut the NSA-spying facility down by turning off its water supply, I say we can and should shut down government corruption by turning off its monetary supply. How else will we get them to stop financing terrorists like Al-Qaeda? How else will we get them to stop awarding grants to the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood? How else will we get them to stop pushing Common Core curriculum and other forms of state-sponsored indoctrination programs on our children?

As radical as it may sound to say stop paying taxes and stop subjecting your children to the school system, consider how the alternatives have worked out for us. We’ve hear outcries from parents against Common Core, yet few schools have recanted their efforts to embrace this program. We’ve seen constituents outraged over taxpayer-subsidized infanticide, illegal immigration, terrorism, endless unconstitutional wars, and more; yet, no matter how people vote, no matter how many petitions they sign, no matter how much they complain to Congress, it continues. So, what viable options remain, except to simply slay the beast by starving it of funds to thrive?

I realize that many will object to this simply because of their Christian faith that teaches obedience to those in authority, but may I remind you that you and I (that is, We The People) are the authority in this nation. This is not a monarchy; it is supposed to be a Republic. Unfortunately, we’ve been conditioned to see our public servants and representatives as our authorities. Worse, our church leaders have used twisted teachings of Romans 13 to reinforce this false belief, just as was done in the days of Hitler. Some wonder how moral Germans sat idle as Jews were being openly persecuted and killed; the answer is Romans 13, a passage of scripture that’s said to been a favorite of Hitler’s and propagandists of his time. Today, we see the same thing happening as innocent children are murdered through abortion, and moral Americans sit idle and complicit by paying taxes to fund it. Even when confronted with this, Christians often defend their actions with twisted teachings of Romans 13 and yet another false doctrine pervading the church: the pre-tribulation doctrine. You see, by believing that God is going to rescue (or rapture them) before these evil days get too bad, they absolve themselves of any responsibility to fight the good fight of faith, and they believe the lie that they will escape the consequences of refusing to occupy this nation with bold and brave righteousness until He returns.

The reason why church leaders are teaching these false doctrines is two-fold: 1)they have been taught these doctrines in seminary schools that are often financed by the New World Order crowd, and 2) they are incentivized with 5013c tax-exempt status’ to remain silent on political matters. Consequently, the typical sheep’s interest in politics is not far from that of their typical shepherds: silence and complicity.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
~ Edmund Burke

Now, consider that people are not only being taught silence and complicity at church, but also at public schools and institutions of higher education. Currently, Common Core curriculum has been scorned as socialist propaganda with the intention of deliberately dumbing-down and frustrating the next generation. Is this curriculum really the first of its kind in America? Or, have they beefed up their methods, and we’re just now noticing?

Whistleblowers who worked within or under the US Department of Education, Charlotte Iserbyt and John Gatto, explain that the answer is the latter. Common Core is nothing new, it’s just the same state indoctrination program that schools have been using, only this time it’s on steroids with more of a socialist bend. Generations prior were subjected to teachings that also perpetuated a ‘collective’ mentality, for the purpose of creating good workers in the corporate hive. Who started all of this? Who financed this? The same financially-elite families that financed our nation’s top seminary schools. You see, they didn’t want people being trained to become innovators, creators, and independent business owners; basically, they didn’t want competitors. They wanted you, your children, and grandchildren, to become good little assets to their company, a cog in their corporate machine, if you will. And now, with Common Core, they want you and yours to become good little assets for the corporatist-government hive.

I don't want a nation of thinkers. I want a nation of workers. ~ John D Rockefeller

They want people just smart enough to operate the machines and do the paperwork, and just dumb enough to passively accept the shittier working conditions,
reduced pay, and reduced benefits.
~ George Carlin

With those quotes in mind, does it now make sense why subjects like rhetoric, that teach critical thinking and the art of persuasion, were removed from our schools’ curriculum? Consider what one must intellectually and financially overcome in this country in order to think critically. Consider the fate of conservative who thought critically of this government, and how the very system they’ve funded – namely the IRS – was used against them for the purpose of political oppression. And, this is the same government organization getting armed to the teeth – paid for, again, with our tax dollars – supposedly for the enforcement of the Obamacare health mandate. Now, ask yourselves, do you want to pay for this? Do you want to continue to pay for your own oppression and that of others? I’m guessing your answer is like mine: Hell NO!

So, consider my solution: Stop paying for, and participating in, government programs which are against your moral and ethical conscience.

For freedom’s sake, choose the brave path of civil disobedience.

Starve the beast!

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