7-Step Action Plan For More Freedom in 2014, Step Seven: Support The Right To Self-Defense

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Vote, speak out, and demonstrate for American’s rights to defend them selves. Support companies who arm American civilians.

Most recently, we heard reports of yet another mass shooting in America. So far, we’ve heard of the Colorado theatre shooting, we’ve heard of the Sandy Hook school shooting, and now we hear of another mass shooting at Fort Hood’s military base. What’s common to all these events that the media is not discussing? They all involve shooters who were on psychotropic drugs and they occurred in gun free zones. Instead of investigating the role that these factors play in mass shooting events, the media has consistently used these stories to persuade Americans to ban weapons, call for greater limitations on weapons, and urge registration. In some cases, such as in Connecticut recently, residents were forced to turn in their weapons or face imprisonment. After it was apparent that the vast majority of gun owners in Connecticut did not and would not turn in their guns, reports surfaced that a slow-confiscation was underway in the state, which involved profiling motorists for traffic stops, which in-turn resulted in car searches, which in-turn led to confiscation and jail. Bottom line: Americans are having their guns confiscated bit-by-bit, behind a false rationale that it will make America safe from mass shooting tragedies.

Why do we keep seeing these mass shootings? It’s for the same reason that we’ll continue to see them, and why the media conveniently chooses not to highlight the good news stories that show how law-abiding concealed carry Americans have protected victims from armed criminals. At the root of all cherry-picking of news stories is the fact that the United Nations (UN) is pushing for global gun confiscation through the UN Arms Treaty, and as recent as March 2014, President Obama has signed a statement reaffirming his commitment to civilian disarmament.

As this plan for global disarmament continues, we’ll also continue to see the “gun control is for your safety” narrative persist in our media and in our public schools.
Even though the residents of Chicago have recently enjoyed the benefits of implementing concealed-carry laws, which arguably resulted in the lowest gun crime rates since 1958, the media and left-leaning police chief of Chicago refuse to acknowledge the law's impact. Instead, they credit their law enforcement talent, getting guns off the street, and they continue to caution people against owning guns for their own protection. Their line of reasoning is much like that of Colorado democrat, Joe Salazar, who thinks that women should just urinate or vomit to avoid being raped, rather than defend themselves with a gun. This kind of rhetoric is not only reaching adults through TV, but also children through public schooling. Through common core curriculum, children are being indoctrinated to misunderstand the purpose of the founding father’s establishing the second amendment. Textbooks depict the right to bear arms as being for militias-only, and specific for combating the British. Furthermore, they fail to mention that throughout history, tyrannical governments, which engaged in democide (mass murder by government), confiscated guns and made them illegal. Historically, gun registration precedes confiscation; in fact, we have Feinstein, Holder, and other politicians on record that they want to confiscate our guns, and that our children should be 'brainwashed' daily in school to support this. Ironically, Holder and other pro gun control politicians have been accused of gun-running (arm-trafficking) in Mexico, which has resulted in the deaths of many Mexicans and border patrol agents.

While Americans are being told to disarm, Mexico’s drug cartels are being armed by our government, and our government is also arming itself to the teeth. DHS is on record for stockpiling 1.6 billion hollow-point bullets, that are explicitly for the purpose of killing – not target practice. They’ve also purchased 7000 auto assault rifles, along with the IRS. And, we’ve seen in influx of police departments getting equipped with armored vehicles and urban combat gear. Just who are they preparing to fight, and why? Perhaps DHS’ $2 million purchase of target practice posters entitled, "No More Hesitation", which depict the elderly, children, and pregnant women in residential locations lend us a clue. And, if that isn’t enough, consider that one SWAT team cop has written extensively about how cops are being conditioned to see their fellow Americans as their enemies and the neighborhoods they serve as battlefields akin to those in Afghanistan.

What’s happening here folks, is that we are being propagandized to give up our right to self-defense. We’re getting this propaganda in our media, our children are getting it in public schools. We’re being policed by and for a citizenry that largely doesn’t understand their rights and why they should be defending them. And, it’s all by design to have the entire globe disarmed by the UN, and rendered defenseless against any of their tyrannical one world order plans.

Those of you who have read this far and still have the naïve thought that gun confiscation can never happen in America need to understand that it already has. Remember Katrina? Guns were brutally confiscated there in the name of public safety. The result: women were raped repeatedly, homes were robbed, and Americans were mugged without any defense. Even in non-catastrophic natural disaster events, like the Fort Hood shooting, we see that it takes 15 minutes for the police to respond, leaving unarmed Americans – military men, mind you – completely defenseless. Yet, these people keep pushing for gun control, arguing that only the police should have guns for your safety. The truth is, gun control makes criminals and out-of-control governments safer – NOT you. So, actively resist this plan for disarmament, even if you don't own firearms. Warn your friends and family.

For freedoms sake, let’s make sure that if this nation goes down, it doesn’t go down without a good, honest founding father style fight!

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