7-Step Action Plan For More Freedom in 2014, Step Four: Convert To Active Political Atheism

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Choose principles of liberty over party-politics. Actively support real statesmen, and recall treasonous politicians across all party lines.

“Vote them out”, I often hear it said when people are dissatisfied with politicians. Sounds easy enough, but what does that mean? Often, in America, it means voting for the politician hated the least, through a process that has repeatedly proven itself unethical. Although a reported 58% of Americans claim that both Republicans and Democrats are doing a poor job, and that a third party is needed, they continue to vote against the person they hate the most, rather than build up the candidates who need to be elected. Even when voters study candidates closely, and support the true statesmen, they then have to deal with voter fraud, from local to national levels.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about when I mention voter fraud, it’s no surprise; many don’t, because these incidents are conveniently ignored by corporate mainstream media who, as many of us know, are often in bed with the very politicians they’re highlighting in their programming. For those who need to get up to speed on these issues, here’s a primer:

GOP primary level and RNC convention
DNC Chicago voters
Rigged voting machines
Debate commission rigged

As if the stinking thinking from parties wasn’t enough, we also have some stinking thinking from the voters, who have been trained to mindlessly vote straight ticket and be manipulated through rhetoric to support policies that they would not ordinarily support. This allegiance to parties over principles has gotten us into a great deal of trouble, and will continue to, if we do not break out of tribal mentalities that motivate us to dichotomize everything - as we have with Chevy vs. Ford, Coke vs. Pepsi, and so on. If we continue applying this thinking of Republican vs. Democrat, then we will continue to be manipulated by tyrants in both parties against our own interests in liberty. If there is any dichotomy that we should fix our minds upon, let it be about tyranny vs. liberty.

There is no left or right. There is only tyranny or liberty.

Don’t believe me? Remember this: the next time a candidate simply parrots a popular phrase among her or her constituents like, “secure the borders” or “women’s reproductive health rights” and magically gets an automatic round of applause at debates – that is no accident. The GOP, for example, has hired Frank Luntz to study Americans to find which words or phrases can be used to manipulate voters into supporting whatever the GOP desires of them to support. What’s to stop the DNC from doing the same? Nothing. Absolutely, nothing. And, who’s to say that they haven’t?

What happens when someone like Ron Paul – that is liberty-minded – tries to enter politics and change the conversation to a more honest, non-manipulative one? Well, I’ve followed one such candidate in the last two years named Derrick Grayson. Based on his reports of his experience, the media has failed to mention him as even running for office and participating in debates. And, the GOP leadership is backing who Grayson refers to as their ‘royals’; these are the candidates who continue talking like conservatives while voting as if they are not. Though Grayson is doing incredibly well at the debates, the media appears to be working with the GOP leadership to promote their favored career politicians. Essentially, the same black-balling of Ron Paul, is the same black-balling we see towards newcomers who think in terms of liberty, like Ron Paul.

What’s the solution? Vote some more? C’mon, get real!

We’re going to have to do more than vote, folks. I know that that isn’t what most people want to hear, but it’s the truth. And, that’s why I’ve written this series, “7-Step Action Plan For More Freedom In 2014”, along with sharing my Warrior Woman channel on youtube.com, to give you ideas and resources so that we can create positive change regardless of the voting fraud.

Just a few days ago, I spoke with someone who voted in the Texas primary elections that are now taking place. He said that when he finished voting, a printout was supplied to him of who he voted for and it came back inaccurate. He witnessed elderly people being walked into the Democrat area by coordinators who didn’t even bother to ask them if they were Democrat. And, a coordinator told his wife that she had to pick a side - Republican or Democrat - before voting. When she said that she was neither, that she’s independent, they unyieldingly argued that she had to pick a side.

Folks, this is no accident. This is all by design. So when you hear that voting third-party is a wasted vote, please understand why. Understand, if you don’t already, additional parties to our current two-party system, would undermine the objective of keeping us divided and distracted. It would reveal the false, scripted, pseudo-war between the Democrats and Republicans.

Don’t believe me? Well consider this: every President we’ve seen in our lifetimes has steadily moved us in the same direction of less liberty and more tyranny. Yes, Republicans like to remember the Bush family with fondness, however the Bush family has questionable connections that do not serve We The People, and George Jr.'s policies, such as the Patriot Act (which should have been more accurately named the UnPatriot Act or the Violate your 4th Amendment Act) paved the way for Obama’s NDAA, NSA-wiretapping, FEMA camps, and more. Think about it: as far back as our beloved President Reagan, we heard about how he was going to ‘secure the border’. That was almost 40 years ago! Has it happened? How many politicians – Republican or Democrat – have you heard promising to ‘secure the borders’? Has it ever happened? Will it ever…?

At this very moment, we have both Republicans and Democrats doing more to ‘secure’ the Ukrainian border than we have ever seen them do for our own.

Think about it.

Right now, both parties are trying to push an Immigration Reform Bill through, which should more accurately be named, “Amnesty for Illegal Cheap Labor Bill” or “Trojan Horse For Biometrics Bill”.

Think about it: who does this benefit?

After 40 years of promising to secure the borders, we’ve come to this. Do you really think this is an accident? Or that it can be blamed on just one party? If we ignore the rhetoric, if we become blind to the party brands, and we pay attention to the results they give – it becomes obvious that they are working lockstep with one another to achieve the same outcome – less liberty, more tyranny.

Our founding fathers warned us that this would happen with a two-party system:

is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into
two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting
measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension,
is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.” ~ John Adams

So, what are we going to do about it? Keep voting as usual? I say no. If you feel led to vote, then do so, but don’t be passive about it. Keep these parties and voting booths accountable, like the Ron Paul voters did at the primary level in 2012. Support grassroots liberty-minded candidates with money, and by spreading their message on your social media. And, in the mean time, practice the lifestyle that brings us greater liberty:

• Go local
• Be a job creator
• Live naturally
• Convert To Active Political Atheism
• Support Alternative Media
• Starve the beast
• Support the right to self-defense

As a registered Republican, who swallowed the truth pill during the 2012 elections, I can tell you it hasn't been an easy one to swallow, but the sooner we take our 'medicine' the better. The sooner we get healthy, and free from the religion of party politics, the better. So, please join me in becoming an active political atheist, so we can get our liberty back, regardless of party corruption.

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